• Welcome to Sonrisas Spanish Immersion

    Spanish Immersion means that your child is immersed, or surrounded by the Spanish language during his/her preschool day. Your child will enjoy all of the joys of a regular preschool, just in Spanish! In this language immersion environment when a child participates in an activity, he/she learns the educational concept and the language at the same time.
    • Programs

      Our programs promote social and emotional learning, curiosity, language, cooperation and problem solving through creative play.

    • Language

      Young children in immersion programs have the best advantage in developing the pronunciation, structure and intonation of the new language easily and successfully.

    • Daily Schedule

      The child’s daily schedule is balanced between active group activity and quiet individual play while supporting development of the whole child “en español”.

    • Snacks

      We provide morning and afternoon organic snacks.

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